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Our Story

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50 Years of Experience

Growing up on the Eastern End of Long Island, Captain Danny has been fishing the waters around Long Island since he was a small kid. Captain Danny holds a 100 Ton Masters USCG License. Experience and dedication have made Danny an experienced Captain and knowledgeable fisherman.

NOTE: We adhere to all fishing regulations and USCG compliance.

Captain Danny

I have always loved being on the water and grew up with a father who introduced me to ocean life as a young child. My father was an adventurous sailor and took me with him on many exciting journeys. It was at that point in my life that I found great enjoyment and connection with the sea.

Today, I am fortunate to be able to share my passion and experiences with others. I love putting our guests on fish and sharing my knowledge and expertise. It’s especially exciting for me to see kids get the same “connection” with the sea as I do.

I believe in operating a top-notch boat that is well-maintained both mechanically and physically.  I pride myself on the reliability and cleanliness of the boat and believe that these differences make for a relaxing and enjoyable trip. My approach is hands on and I enjoy showing and teaching our guests the best techniques to catch fish, tie knots and even rig tackle.   



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Our Values

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